Bacta issues rallying call following General Election delay to gambling reforms

Bacta, the trade body which represents the UK low stake gaming and amusements sectors is urging an incoming government to ‘finish the job’ of modernising gambling regulations and in the process to continue the industry’s support of regional economies throughout the country.

Image: John Bollom Bacta President

In a message to members released shortly after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called a surprise General Election for July 4th, Bacta President John Bollom said: “A snap General Election was always the biggest risk to getting the Gambling White Paper reforms passed into law.

"I am asking every Bacta member to contact their parliamentary candidates - especially the Labour Party candidates - to encourage them to support the land-based gambling reforms.

"We will be issuing advice to members on how to do this in the coming days. 

"It is imperative, if there is a change in Government, that the Labour Party finishes the job and supports modernisation of our sector to support both the High Street and seaside towns. 

"The reforms are so vital for our sector. I like to think they may have been delayed not derailed. Our campaign continues."