Bingo Nights in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the most popular states in the US for playing bingo, with a lot of bingo halls located throughout the state.

If you are looking for bingo halls in new jersey, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. 

Bingo 101: Who Invented The Game?

Perhaps you are thinking that Bingo could be a fun way to try your luck, especially after viewing the list of free no deposit bingo bonus codes. But, have you ever wondered who invented this well-known game?

The origins of Bingo have been the subject of controversy. So we did some study on the subject. Continue reading to learn about our perspectives on the beginnings of Bingo.

The Bart, The Bard, and The Playmate

by: Victor H. Royer - So here I am, well after midnight, thinking yet again about Slots, and what else I can say. You see, I have been writing about slots since 1984. I have written thousands of articles about slots, and about casino games, including, of course, my 55 books. So – as always being ready and willing to write something new, or weird – it occurred to me that there has been nothing more so in demand – perhaps in the annals of my creative writing these past 37 years – than my compositions related to Poker. Well, at least I mean this humorously.

Best Bingo

By: Victor H Royer

There’s a famous local’s casino in Las Vegas, called: Arizona Charlie’s. It’s located on the West Side, on Decatur Boulevard, about 5 miles West of the Strip. Almost directly West of the Stratosphere Tower – which is that tall tower you see in all the photos and videos from Las Vegas.

Is Bingo a Good Casino Game to Play?

Since the Italians invented bingo in the 16th century, it has become popular around the world. People typically play in designated bingo houses near train stations, intercity bus terminals, or other busy places in a city.

Bingo players hope for a chance to win big prizes with small bets, but there are also are some special games with higher wagers, in which the winner can walk out of the bingo parlor with a brand new car.

Latest Slingo Deal Means More Choice Than Ever Before

When London-based Gaming Realms brought the Slingo brand to the UK back in 2015 with the intention of turning a social gaming phenomenon into a real money gambling concern, it seemed like a risky move. Many wondered whether this bingo-slots hybrid would work in the online gambling environment. Was it too much bingo for slots players? Or too much slots for bingo players?

Changes Expected for Online Bingo In Canada

Whilst bingo is predominantly a game played in the UK, it is also popular in other countries around the world, and in particular in Canada. But just like it has been with casino games and sports betting, for many years Canadians who have wanted to bet on bingo have only been able to sign up with offshore bingo operators, mainly those licensed from the European territories of Gibraltar and Malta.

Wazdan signs deal with Buzz Bingo

Malta-based games provider Wazdan has signed a deal with leading UK brand Buzz Bingo, who will now feature their complete collection of Wazdan’s live slot games on their platform.

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