Tickets are on sale now for the most epic night out you’ll ever have with the chance to win some of the most bizarre and unique prizes. From dating advice from a Love Islander, to winning a shark dive in Skeggy, Bada Bingo promises to be a wild night out with crazy surprises.  

Ex-Love Islander, Marcel Somerville, AKA Dr Love, will be using everything he learnt from being on the show and his latest long-term relationship to help one Bada raver out with their dating profile; giving their bio a makeover and sharing their top tips for bringing in the swipe rights.

Thrill seekers hoping to strike it lucky on the full house also have the chance to be crowned Lord or Lady of their own piece of land. Smaller but equally random prizes include winning 365 pairs of socks for every day of the year and a Greggs gift voucher.

The bingo-meets-party events will see revellers dabbing numbers alongside dancers, confetti cannons and other surprises as they try and race for that full house amongst the madness. Players not only have the chance to take home some insane prizes but there’s also the chance to win cash prizes up to £500.

In the spirit of weirdness, Bada Bingo has revealed some of the more unusual prizes Brits would like to win with 42% saying that they would enjoy winning a wacky prize even if they didn’t know what to do with it.

Whilst ‘money’ is, unsurprisingly, the prize most Brits would want to win (58%), over a quarter (26%) said that winning something more stand-out and random would be worth it for the funny story to tell their friends.

The top ten weirdest prizes Brits would like to win are –

  1. Weekly chocolate bar deliveries for a year
  2. Kitchen appliances
  3. Year’s supply of Wotsits
  4. A £100 Greggs gift voucher
  5. Year’s supply of socks
  6. A treadmill
  7. A drink with a celebrity
  8. Having a zoo animal named after you
  9. Bodyweight in cheese
  10. Lord or Ladyship title

Keen to make Brits’ weird wishes a reality, Bada Bingo has made four of the top 10 wackiest prizes people would be up for winning actual prizes at different events this summer. So, among its usual crazy prizes, you can now be in with a chance of winning a Greggs gift voucher, 365 pairs of socks, your bodyweight in cheese or a Lord/Ladyship title.

Andy Bright, Head of Events and Entertainment at Bada Bingo says: “Bada Bingo is the home of epic prizes and we can’t wait to see the looks on people’s faces when they win. Our motto is ‘if we think it’s wild, it’s not wild enough’ so we upped the ante to match Brit’s love for weird prizes.

“Bada Bingo is an alternative night out for those who love raucous entertainment and seek the unexpected; our bingo nights will be supercharged with energetic performances and chaotic dance offs.”

Bada Bingo events are being hosted in 15 locations across the country and tickets are now available to buy via: with prices starting at £5.

The next events will be hosted in the following towns and cities:

Bristol - Friday 8th October

Nottingham - Friday 8th October

Southampton - Saturday 9th October

Enfield - Saturday 9th October

Plymouth - Friday 29th October

Coventry - Saturday 30th October

Leeds - Friday 5th November

Feltham - Friday 12th November

Leicester - Saturday 13th November

Middlesbrough – Saturday 13th November

Fenton – Friday 19th November

Newcastle – Saturday 20th November

Stockport – Friday 26th November

Sheffield Parkway – Saturday 27th November

Nottingham – Friday 3rd December

# Survey was carried out by Censuswide between 25th and 27th August 2021