Pass or Play Bingo Game Show debut at Bingo Business Expo Las Vegas

Vancouver game designer Stephen R. Kaplan, affectionately known as "Mr. Bingotainment," is poised to make waves in the industry with the debut of his highly anticipated Bingo Game Show, "Pass or Play," at the upcoming Bingo Business Expo on March 7th, hosted at the prestigious Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas.

This ground breaking event marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind in Bingo-related entertainment. "Pass or Play" will revolutionize the gaming experience by embracing virtual technology, with 5 contestants seamlessly streamed into an immersive background. Partnering with Illinois-based "Free N' Fun Bar Bingo," the production will offer attendees the unique opportunity to engage in the Bingo portion of the Game show on their devices, thanks to cutting-edge technology provided by our esteemed collaborator.

The primary objective of "Pass or Play" is to provide a cost-effective yet highly visible promotion for linked Bingo games, whether land-based or online, catering to the enthusiastic community of bingo and interactive game show fans alike.

Reflecting on his inspiration, Kaplan, the creative force behind both bingo board and bingo card games, shares his vision: "I design my games with the goal of making the early numbers drawn in bingo as exciting as the final 3. Bingo has a special magic to it, and I just want to tap into that."

"Pass or Play" boasts a dynamic 5-contestant format, with the first two out of three rounds driven by a 24 out of 75 number draw of Bingo. Contestants strategically navigate the "Pass or Play" options to accumulate the highest or lowest score, aiming to secure a spot in the exhilarating final round.

The culmination of the game, an elimination round known as the "Game of Swords," is set to transcend into its stand-alone app, being developed by Devruptors Inc. further elevating the immersive gaming experience.

Beyond its virtual debut, "Pass or Play" holds the potential for captivating live full set productions with the backing of an adequate budget, promising endless possibilities for future engagements and entertainment ventures.
As anticipation mounts for the ground breaking launch of "Pass or Play" at the Bingo Business Expo, Kaplan and his team are poised to redefine the landscape of Bingo entertainment, promising an unforgettable experience for all enthusiasts and participants alike.

About “Bingo Business Expo”
Rebounding Success is resurrecting a bingo expo for vendors, operators and any interested parties. This expo is focused on bingo and addresses the challenges of operating in our new environment and rebounding the industry after Covid.
The expo (Bingo Business Expo – B2e) is focused on the challenges of both operators and suppliers dealing with regulators, owners and management while trying to grow their business.
B2E is being held with the opportunity for attendees to interact with suppliers and each other to expand their knowledge and share ideas.
B2E is being held at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas and features an opportunity to participate in the Plaza’s famous 2 day Super Bingo and we are very excited to include Pass or Play in the expo!!
B2E is being organized and presented by Sandi Johnston of Alberta, Canada.

Sandi has over 25 years experience in the Bingo Industry ranging from volunteer work to working with the local government as a regulator and developing procedures that both satisfied the regulator but also worked for the operator. Sandi has worked hand in hand with bingo halls around the world to develop game formats that were appealing to players, trained bingo hall staff on the operation of software programs and cash cage procedure and installations of equipment. Additionally she has worked as a supplier and has not only been instrumental in the design and development of bingo systems.
She is affectionately known by many in the industry as the Bingo Queen.

About “Free N’ Fun Bar Bingo”
Illinois based Free N'Fun Bar Bingo hosts hundreds of weekly game sessions in seven states. Though bar patrons play for free, they can win amazing prizes and cash jackpots between $2,000 and $10,000.
They partner with businesses to obtain exciting prizes in exchange for promotion. Some of the businesses participating In the Chicago market include: The Chicago White Sox, Revolution Brewing, Marcus Theatres, Weird Chicago Tours, Skydive Midwest and the Plaza Hotel Las Vegas .
Bingo sessions last two hours and it is estimated that more than 8,500 people play their games every week. Players follow the action on TVs at each location. Monitors are also used to show game information, prizes and sponsor's static graphics and commercials. The proprietary Bingo software has the capability to play advertisement videos during game play, allowing customers to see branded content on the locations television screens. For participants who choose to play bingo via the mobile app; these ads will also display on their mobile device.

About “Devruptors”
Devruptors Inc. is our trusted tech partner, committed to advancing businesses with innovative software solutions tailored to their goals. At the core of its operations is a dedicated team of tech enthusiasts with a solid understanding of the digital landscape, offering support at every step of the journey.