August 2021, London: The first doggy bingo sessions are coming to the UK this week, thanks to Buzz Bingo.

The entertainment provider is making it easier for people to spend time with their furry friends and on National Dog Day (26th August), will trial its first ever Dog Bingo.

The news comes as research reveals UK dog owners have spent a staggering 28 million hours less per day with their pooches following the easing of national lockdown restrictions.  What’s more, 39% of owners say they have felt a sense of guilt since ‘Freedom Day’ as they have spent more time away from home, meaning dogs are left indoors to their own devices.

The specially created sessions – taking place from 3.20-4pm on the day – will see much-loved canines served with doggy nibbles and refreshments, such as pup-corn and pawsecco, while owners will be welcomed with a glass of fizz to enjoy alongside their pups.

Buzz Bingo is calling all dog owners alike to come along, raise the woof and have a good ol’ time. Who knows, they might even win the jack (russell) pot…

What’s not surprising is that 9 in 10 owners claimed that they struggled to find venues which allow dogs, with 9 in 10 also saying that they’d do more with their pups outside of the home, if they could find a greater number of pet-friendly places to take them.  And as research demonstrated the positive affect spending times with our pooches can have – with 51% of owners said they felt happier when with their dog, 43% said to feel more relaxed and 34% felt less stressed – Buzz Bingo is looking for ways to give owners and their beloved canines more bonding time.

Mark Fletcher, Head of Brand at Buzz Bingo, says: “So many of our customers are doting dog owners and with the UK opening back up again, we also know it can be hard to balance pet-parenting life with going out and having fun again – especially if venues don’t permit dogs. 

“That’s why we wanted to trial a series of dog-friendly sessions this National Dog Day – we want to make it easier for our customers to come out and socialise without the guilt of leaving their pups alone.”   

Additionally, research showed that dog owners in London (47%) felt the most the guilty about leaving their fur babies at home, followed by those in Manchester (46%) and those in Plymouth (40%).  It goes to show, dogs really are our best friends as owners admit they prefer spending time with their dogs over their nearest and dearest. 32% of owners from Sheffield preferred to spend time with their dog over either a partner, sibling, parent or friend. This compares to 29% of Bristolians who’d rather hang out with their pooches, 28% of Londoners and 27% of those from Liverpool. 

Top 10 cities or towns where owners prefer spending time with their dogs over a loved one  

Dr Rachel, our expert vet says: “Dogs are very much part of the family for their owners. It can be hard to leave them at home, especially given the increased attachment people will have formed with their pets during lockdown. What’s apparent is that it can be just as hard, if not harder for dogs to adjust to being left alone for longer periods – with feelings of separation anxiety known to creep in.

“We know that it’s not always possible to take your dog along for every occasion and that depending on your dog’s personality they may prefer to miss out on some social gatherings, but if you are planning to leave them alone for longer periods, it would be good to phase this in slowly. It’s recommended that dogs are not left alone for more than 4-6 hours at a time, so this is something to be mindful of.  Alternatively, taking advantage of dog-friendly activities – should your dog be fine in a busier social environment – can be a great way to spend more time with your pets.

Dr Rachel’s list of top 10 list of fun activities owners can do with their dogs 

  1. Visit a dog friendly entertainment venue, pub, or restaurant
  2. Try Doga (dog-friendly yoga)
  3. Go on a walking tour of a city with your pup
  4. Explore a National Park
  5. Go to the beach
  6. Go swimming
  7. Go to a dog show/event or enter your pooch into a dog show
  8. Do a fun photo shoot with your dog
  9. Start a doggy blog or social media page with your canine
  10. Take them to a doggy massage session 

Dog Bingo will kick off at select Buzz Bingo clubs on Thursday 26th August between 3.20-4pm. Guests are encouraged to get in touch with their local clubs via Facebook first and check they will be participating before going along to join the paw-ty.  

To learn more about how Buzz Bingo, please visit our website here, follow us on Twitter @Buzz_Bingo or you can get in touch at