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Mike Watret, Operations Director, Carlton Clubs chats to Peter White

What is the history of Carlton Club’s Mike?
Like many other bingo operators, Carlton Clubs Plc evolved from the decreasing popularity of cinema in the 1960’s. Previously operated as CAC (Caledonian Associated Cinemas) the company was the largest Scottish independent cinema operator, based in Inverness and with theatres across all of Scotland including many islands. A management buy in by the current owners in 1998 led to the company rebranding to Carlton Bingo which remains the largest independent operator of bingo clubs in Scotland whilst also operating two clubs in North East England. The company employs 300 individuals and operates from a registered office in the traditional home city of Inverness and an operations office in Stirling, Central Scotland. 

The Unseen Benefits of Video Poker

Did you know that poker machines predate the slots? They do - the first automated poker game was built years before Charles Fey created the first slot machine, the Liberty Bell. But it had its shortcomings - like the fact that it couldn't be fitted with an automated payout system due to the large number of possible winning combinations.

Poker machines were largely forgotten until the 1970s, when they were revived thanks to computers and TV screens. They returned to life never to leave again - today they are among the most popular games at casinos, online and in real life alike.

The game

A Useful - and Interesting - List of Bingo Calls in the United Kingdom

Bingo has been an immensely popular game in the UK for years and years. For as long as we can remember, bingo has been played in many different bingo halls in various towns and communities stretching from the farthest reaches of Scotland to the bustling enclave of London. Perhaps this is one reason why bingo has already developed its own lingo – the so-called ‘bingo lingo’ that bingo aficionados around the country are all familiar with.

These ‘bingo calls’ actually refer to the way the numbers are called out – and there is no particularly correct way to call out the numbers. Some callers call out the number first and then follow it with the phrase, whilst other callers call out the phrase first and then the number. It mostly depends on how it sounds – so it’s up to you, as a bingo player, to pay attention!

Customer Self-Exclusion

Bingo Life looks at requirements for player support and the option to Self-exclude

The current Licencing Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) issued by the Gambling Commission require licensees to put procedures in place to allow individuals to self-exclude from gambling. Not only does this challenge operators on a site by site basis, but also entire industry sectors, as customers must be able to self-exclude across a geographical area, not just a single venue or chain. This licence condition puts trade associations and other bodies ‘centre stage’ in ensuring co-operation between operators and facilitating compliance.
In response to members’ needs, and in support of the Gambling Commission’s social responsibility objectives included in the requirements of the LCCP, The Bingo Association (BA) has teamed up with leading software developer ISD Computer Services, to develop The Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme.

Online Gaming

Online Gaming is the trend of 21st century that gives the opportunity for gamers around the globe. Online gaming is trending these days alike a viral video on YouTube. The history goes back from the time of video game,

TV games and portable battery operated handy games to the PlayStation and other gaming consoles, So before talking about the online gaming world wide let me first clear the Gaming history first there were so called video games 7os and 80s and old kids love to play on that version of video games on pixilated quality on their televisions.

Bingo is Here to Stay

In the ever changing world of entertainment there are always going to be casualties. When looking at some forms of entertainment, often Bingo is one game that you would think could be at risk. Through the ability to adapt to the changing world though it appears Bingo is here to stay.

Bingo is a social game that has been around for years, but it is also in a world where technology is changing the way we play. As gamers look to check for right bingo sites, it is a risk that this game style could become less popular and seem old fashioned, if of course it didn’t go through a resurgence.

Is Online Gaming Killing the Bingo Halls?

The world of entertainment is forever changing, and technology has a big part to play in it. With more and more games moving online, it seems that playing offline is a things of the past. One popular game that has seen a surge in online game is the good old game of Bingo. Could the rise in online Bingo sites be a risk to the Bingo Halls?

Bingo can be a fun game, but it is also a social experience. Going out for a night to the Bingo hall has been a pastime for many for years. In the age of the Internet though when websites are improving their use of technology and allowing social experiences on our devices, it seems that many may decide to stay in.

Is the Pub Bingo Game at Risk?

Playing Bingo in pubs appears to be a complicated business, especially if it is a high stakes style. In the UK there are laws that control gambling, the important one being the Gambling Act 2005 that is being used to apparently block one attempt to bring Bingo into pubs.

The case of Greene King is an interesting one as it opens up the complicated nature of Bingo and gambling and how the law can apply to such forms of entertainment in pubs. While lenient in some respects, if there is evidence that it could “facilitate” gambling, then it is likely to cause a problem.

When it comes to gambling there has to be controls, that is understandable. We have to know our limits, and even Bingo has to be played with an element of control. It is understandable that the law can block such uses of the game, but should it be more flexible?

Who Plays Bingo in 2016?

You just have to look at the television to see the resurgence of Bingo as a pastime. One thing we often see in these adverts though is a female dominated form of entertainment that men don’t really take part in. Is this an old stereotype though?

It seems it maybe, especially with the rise of online Bingo. What we tend to forget is that Bingo is actually fun, and the fact that it doesn’t challenge the player too much makes it all the more interesting. It seems these days that men are just as likely to play a quick game of bingo on their mobile phones than women.

Bingo has also turned into something of a social phenomenon, and is seen as a good night out. While sometimes we see Bingo put on screen showing old people playing it in retirement homes, the truth is there has been plenty of innovation in this form of entertainment to liven things up. Add some music and freshen up the way the game is called, and suddenly things a lot more interesting.

Bingo Revealed: The 24hr Bingo Dashboard

Imagine having all of the best and most up-to-date bingo information available at your fingertips! That’s what Wink Bingo has created with their newest release, the 24hr Online Bingo Dashboard. Wink Bingo has teamed up with some of the best in the industry to bring bingo players like you live stats that you’ll have to see to believe. From tracking the biggest paydays to following all of the modern trends, the bingo dashboard gives you a peak behind the scenes of the bingo world and what makes it tick.

Through partnerships with over half a dozen different bingo reporting sites including Bingo Reviewer, Bingo Trivia, Gambling Commission and Who Plays Bingo, the bingo dashboard always features the freshest and most current information. All of the data is updated every 24 hours, providing you with executive level bingo secrets that in previous years would’ve cost companies a fortune to have access to!

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