Keno Vs Bingo: What's the Difference?

If you’ve ever visited an online casino, or seen dedicated keno or bingo sites while searching the web, you may have wondered how these two popular gambling games are different. After all, they kind of sound the same and, to most casual observers, they work around picking winning numbers. So what is the real difference between keno and bingo?

Keno and Bingo Software

Both bingo and keno can be enjoyed online, with an abundance of gaming options. Online casinos and specialist gaming sites are able to provide a massive range of styles and structures, which can be played for free or real money. When it comes to gaming hubs, bingo seems to be a more popular offering at the moment than keno. However, some online casinos will offer both. Interestingly, the focus seems to remain on bingo. Using Betway Casino as an example, we can see that the keno game on offer belongs to the casino section, while bingo has its dedicated page on the site, and there are many more variants available. Bingo software providers like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming already have hugely popular, particularly in regions such the UK, also drawing from experience in creating other types of casino games, which they can occasionally apply to bingo in order to diversify offerings. You will also find all-rounders such as Playtech powering the majority of online sites, thanks to their ability to supply bingo and keno games in equal measure. Further to this, software suppliers such as Dusane Gaming, have a more keno product approach by developing unique games, suited for the online casino industry.


So, now we know that finding quality versions of bingo or keno online is a relatively simple task. The next step is to examine the differences between the two more closely. We need to find out what makes them tick and what the big attraction is in both. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will have a better idea of how they work and which one will suit your style and needs best.

Bingo – How it Works & Who’s Playing it


Bingo is one of the oldest number-based games in the world and its origins can be traced back centuries. In fact, some say that the origins of today’s bingo game date back as far as the 1500’s in Italy. It’s thought that the origins of the game were lottery-based so, in a sense, bingo and keno have two things in common. Both are rooted in numbers and lottery-type prize winning.

However, the real main difference between the two is that, in bingo, you are not able to choose the numbers ahead of time. With bingo, there's a caller who calls out numbers drawn randomly from a bingo drum. All you have to do is check your bingo card to see if you have the matching number printed. If you do, you simply mark it off and, with a bit of luck, can complete your card to win.

While the game of bingo went through a slightly unfashionable period during the 70’s and 80’s and was mostly associated with pensioners and church halls, today’s bingo game is a different story altogether. In fact, recent reports suggest that bingo is in vogue again, with all sorts of people of all ages playing the game. The report is based on findings and survey stats from Sport England, suggesting that only around 1.7 million people in the UK play tennis compared to around 1.9 million bingo players in the country.

Even though bingo and keno share similarities in that they both use numbers to award a prize, bingo is a far more relaxing game. This is mainly because there is no need to freak out about choosing numbers ahead of time, you either have the numbers on your card or you don’t. It is the absolute simplicity of this system that makes the game so enduringly popular all over the world, both online and offline.

What about Keno and Should You Play it?


Keno is possibly even older than bingo, with variations of the game reportedly dating all the way back to Ancient China. Keno is essentially a lottery game and works in a very similar way to your average state or town lottery. However, keno is generally found in online casinos as well as in specialist online keno sites.

Just like bingo, keno uses numbers to determine the winner of the game. However, with keno you get to choose your numbers and don’t have to wait for someone to call each number out to you. This is one of the reasons why keno is a great option for players that prefer something with a slightly faster pace.

Keno can also offer big jackpot winning opportunities, with players able to win well over a million instantly. The average keno card contains 80 numbers and all that you have to do is pick 20 numbers that you think will be picked. There are of course variations depending on the casino or the type of keno game it is.

Just as in bingo, winning numbers are drawn randomly from a machine and displayed in sequence so that participating players can instantly see the results of the draw. Simply compare the randomly drawn numbers to your preselected keno card to see if you’re a winner.

Keno Vs Bingo, Which is best for you?

Both keno and bingo are great options for anyone looking for an exciting, easy and entertaining game, online of offline. There are plenty of other benefits to both including a quick and simple learning curve and a clear understanding of how the rules and methods of determining a winner works.

However, keno is definitely the game with the faster pace since there is no need to wait around while someone calls out numbers. If you are the type of player that enjoys a quick pace as well as the challenge of choosing your own lucky numbers, keno may just be the numbers game for you. On the other hand bingo lovers enjoy the more relaxed pace and somewhat more social nature of bingo. Of course, you can always have a go at both games, something which is gaining in popularity, particularly on the net.

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