Orders up 30% as operators embrace new Playdium deal

TouchTunes has confirmed that UK sales of its Playdium jukebox have increased by 30% following the launch of ground breaking terms, which include the abolition of fixed music fees and the introduction of deferred payments of just £14.50/week.
Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ Sales and Marketing Manager said: “These are fantastic terms for what is the very best jukebox in the U.K. Income on the Playdium is way above the national average.  We appreciate the huge pressures faced by UK operators and have worked hard to create an appropriate business model. Replacing fixed music fees with a simple 18% of the cashbox, reflects the faith that we have in the Playdium and its ability to deliver a modern in-venue music experience for consumers and generate the best income for our customers.  The only payment that operators make is based solely on the income of the jukebox and after three years the Playdium is fully paid for.  It’s the most transparent deal in the industry.”
Developed by TouchTunes and Sound Leisure to be an in-venue centrepiece, Playdium is widely regarded as a next generation digital jukebox. With 30,000 tracks on the juke and online access to 1 million hits and back catalogue. The Playdium learns from the music selected and adapts over time to highlight the choices that are most relevant, thereby encouraging play and maximising the cash box, which is close to 25% above the national jukebox average.