NRM make substantial commitment to R&D

NRM, the UK owned technology and software solutions provider, active in the bingo, adult gaming centre and LBO sectors, has underlined the importance of innovation across the gaming landscape by confirming what it is describing as a ‘triple lock’ on its R&D budget.  The policy commitment, which has been made by Managing Director, Andrew Ludlow, will see NRM invest a minimum 30% of revenue into the company's R&D function in each of the next three years.
Explaining the importance of NRM’s pledge to the market, Andrew Ludlow said: “R&D is the driver of the NRM business which is built around the provision of technically advanced solutions developed by what I believe to be one of the most talented and committed teams in UK gaming.  We see innovation as an outlook or philosophy rather than simply a function and in order to live up to this, it is absolutely crucial that we continuously innovate. R&D is not something that you can switch on or off, hence our commitment to the market.”
He added: "Our customers operate in a highly competitive sector of the leisure economy in which the ultimate customer, the player, is increasingly comfortable with technology and expects to have their gaming entertainment experience enhanced by whatever advancements are available. Of course, big R&D budgets cannot guarantee success on their own but any organisation that fails to invest in this area will only meet the exacting standards the market demands by default rather than by design.  NRM’s commitment to  R&D enables us to remain both dynamic and agile to changing market conditions and shifts in taste.”
NRM’s announcement comes swiftly on the heels of a major business win with Ladbrokes Coral to install its Numbers Betting Platform across 3,000+ LBOs.