In the year that HM celebrates her Sapphire Jubilee, it has been revealed that almost 70 per cent of Brits don’t know the lyrics to the national anthem, God Save the Queen.

2017 sees Britain’s longest reigning monarch celebrate her 65th anniversary on the throne.

The survey*, conducted by Mecca Bingo, also found that 70 per cent of the nation believes British traditions such as afternoon tea and the annual Queen’s speech are dying out.

Forty per cent said that they were upset by the decline in ‘British-ness’ and said that busier lives (50 per cent) and too many distractions thanks to modern life and technology (29 per cent) were to blame for this.

When asked which tradition they think is dying fastest, 42 per cent said enjoying donkey rides at the seaside.

Top five British traditions we miss

1. Donkey rides on the beach 42%
2. Morris dancing 33%
3. Watching the Queen's Speech at Christmas 26%
4. Afternoon tea 25%
5. Sitting on the beach whatever the weather 19%

While traditions such as Morris dancing may be in decline, Britons were able to cite the emerging customs which they believe are new traditions for the 21st century. It seems reality TV will form a big part of our national routine, with must-watch shows such as The Great British Bake Off (28 per cent) and Strictly Come Dancing (20 per cent) being listed by those surveyed.

Mecca Bingo’s survey also found that Britons believe taking selfies (40 per cent), awaiting the John Lewis Christmas ad (26 per cent) and swigging prosecco (24 per cent) are among the fastest growing national traditions.

Top five modern British traditions

1. Social media and selfies 40%
2. Watching The Great British Bake Off 28%
3. Awaiting the John Lewis Christmas advert 25%
4. Drinking prosecco 24%
5. Strictly Come Dancing 20%

Mecca Bingo wants to regenerate British traditions by hosting parties to celebrate The Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee in its clubs throughout the UK on Sunday 4th June. Guests to the clubs will enjoy a Jubilee party complete with gifts and games. For more information, please visit the Mecca bingo Facebook page or head to your local Mecca Bingo club.

Commenting on the rise of reality TV as a British tradition, Strictly finalist and Mecca Bingo brand ambassador, Louise Redknapp, said: “As someone who performed on the show and loved every minute of it, it’s no surprise that Strictly fever has helped the show be named as a modern British tradition.

“Strictly Come Dancing is a family favourite for Saturday nights and I think it’s lovely that while our traditions may be shifting in the modern age, they are still bringing us together with loved ones, just as Mecca Bingo brings friends and families together to have fun and share experiences.”

Those surveyed were also asked who they believe most embodies the Great British spirit. The Queen came out on top with 42 per cent of the vote, followed by Sir Winston Churchill and James Bond with 38 per cent of the vote each.

Spokesperson for Mecca Bingo, Caroline Webb, said: “As a nation of sport fanatics who regularly hear God Save the Queen, it’s certainly surprising that so many of us don’t know the words to our iconic national anthem. It’s also interesting to see a change in what we class as a British tradition with very 21st century phenomena like prosecco, selfies and the much anticipated John Lewis ad taking centre stage.”

Mecca Bingo also investigated iconic British games. Those surveyed named tennis (24 per cent), snooker and bingo (17 per cent each), darts (16 per cent) and conkers (15 per cent) as the top five British games of all time. 

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*Survey of 1,400 people by Censuswide